David Macleod



My approach to landscape painting is largely driven by nostalgia. This nostalgia stems from my profound admiration for the beauty of nature and how it is obscured in the presence of the day-to-day inner-city living.

Like many of those who maintain urban lifestyles, my impressions of nature have been resigned to a mental scrapbook where things are blurred and nondescript. With this in mind, my paintings often bear an out-of-focus quality to appear more like memories than truthful accounts.

Sometimes man-made entities, such as roads, fences, and architectural structures eke their way into my work. This can be attributed to my wavering notions of what should be considered a part of nature and what should not.

David Macleod is a painter, writer, and musician who works out of his studio apartment in Mile End Montreal. Originally born in Calgary, Macleod spent his youth living in Halifax. At the age of 18, he moved to Montreal to pursue a University degree. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in 2000. Since then, his work has been shown in various galleries across Canada. Macleod has sold most of his paintings to private clients both in Canada and the United States.