Eden Bender   



Eden’s sculpture is both conceptual and figurative; it often relies on scale to draw the observer into a surreal world of transformation, metamorphosis, a world where unusual juxtaposition of static and dynamic is the norm. Fulcrums, ladders hoops all inform this playful yet somber environment.  The sculptures are built from mostly paperclay and are often scribed then glazed and fired numerous times. Eden’s experimental glaze work imbues the sculpture with the intriguing patina of some ancient artifact.  Eden continues to investigate new materials and glazes through specialized courses.  Eden’s involvement in her community has always been a great source of inspiration and education.  Through her volunteer commitments with various non-profit organizations, Eden’s work has been influenced by the adversity of the human condition.  Her most recent work explores human relationships, compassion and the inner spirit through figurative pieces.

Eden studied at George Brown and at York University where in 1990 she graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours. She has received numerous awards including L.L. Odette Sculpture Award and the Ontario Arts Council Award.