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Nahúm Flores  

Serie XX Artist in Residence - Nahúm Flores

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Double Vision, 2011. Mixed media on canvas.NAHUM FLORES (@nahum_a_flores) explores human emotion in drawing, painting and ceramics. His human figures and faces, often rendered in simple black. Go To

Inheritors exhibition
Nahúm Flores at Museum of National Identity
Essay by Carlos Lanza Go To features Nahúm Flores 'Inheritors'

Nahúm Flores feels the need to communicate about his life experience through art. Many artists are content to develop a recognizable style and identity but he has the deft touch of authenticity. At once humble and humorous, he explores issues of life and death, colonization and displacement in a poetic manner, through his subconscious. Go To

SERIE PROJECT Artist in Residence Spotlight: Nahúm Flores

Over the past five years, I have been making ink drawings in small sketchbooks in a daily-like manner. In these drawings, I work quickly from one to the next, spontaneously filling sketchbooks with minute line depictions that are simple and naive by nature, but evoke issues from a subconscious level. Go To

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