Randy Hryhorczuk  



Randy Hryhorczuk is a contemporary Canadian visual artist born in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1974. He grew up in the rural countryside and later lived in city of Vancouver before moving to Toronto, Ontario in order to focus on oil painting.

Randy briefly worked in the web design field before devoting himself to painting as his full time vocation in late 2006. In 2007, Randy relocated to Guatemala City, Guatemala with his wife, for a period of two years. His time was spent drawing, painting, reading, visiting museums and traveling throughout Central America; returning frequently to Canada for art exhibitions.

Although the primary focus of Randy’s early art work had been figure painting, his interest in modern design and minimalism lead him to explore abstraction. His earliest abstract paintings were deconstructions of architectural elements such as cityscapes. In 2003 he developed an ongoing series of minimalist landscape paintings that continues in various forms. Randy’s landscapes are simple and spare, yet are imbued with emotional content; a storm welling up in the distance, the glow of an intense sunrise, a bleak pastoral horizon with a single soft box denoting a habitat. This imagery draws on our emotions and memories and finds a common thread in all of us.

“My desire to express isolation within basic environments moved me to deconstruct the traditions of landscape painting. I found elegance and beauty in the aesthetic of Minimalism and Dadaism and wanted to direct an abstract body of work under the influence of these traditions.”

During this time, he also began a series of figurative paintings and portraits depicting bird/human hybrids drawing heavily on mythological and psychological elements. In 2007, while living in Guatemala, he returned his focus to architectural interests producing a body of urban landscape paintings depicting billboard structures devoid of advertising. His billboard oil paintings replace advertisements with simple messages ranging from encouragement and hope to political and social commentaries. Living in Guatemala was punctuated with frequent air travel. Long hours spent alone in airports inspired an Air Flight painting series, in which clusters of passenger airliners flew at low altitudes, close to the surface of the earth. In 2011, Randy began work on a new group of paintings in which satellites are the objects of our collective affections. These object represent science fiction and fact, the past and the future. They are an unseen but relied upon technological advancement in our history.

Randy is a self-taught oil painter. He has shown publicly at galleries and art fairs since 2000 in Canada, The United States and Germany. His artwork can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Guatemala. Randy currently paints at his home studio and is represented by contemporary art galleries in Toronto and Ottawa.


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