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Amy Montgomery



“I’m intrigued by the push and pull of light and shadow, vibrant and quiet, random and refined. I approach the canvas with a will to play, lost in the freedom of letting go; exploring with loose gestures and sweeping colour which begin to form a recognizable idea. As the work continues, I’m compelled by the need to resolve the composition, seeking familiar imagery while leaving enough abstraction in the details to intrigue. Drawing inspiration from life and memory, my work invites the viewer to find shared experience in my own wanderings.” ~ Montgomery

Montgomery's work is playful, both in-process and product. She finds inspiration in daily life and cottage views. Her style and point of view as an artist are influenced by the years she worked as a professional graphic designer and photographer. She enjoys painting expressionistically, allowing confident, bold brushstrokes and carefully placed contrasting colours to build unexpected texture and energy. Her goal is to produce spirited, contemporary art with an air of nostalgia.

Montgomery has a B.S. degree in Studio Art. (1998) Her work can be found in collections throughout Canada and the U.S. She works out of her home studio in Burlington, Ontario but often moves her easel to Muskoka where she spends holidays with her family. 


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