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Celeste Keller is a Toronto based, realist, oil painter exploring the connections between the figure and the space that surrounds it. 

Focusing on how light and shadows interact on the planes of the human form, she creates interesting marks and distorted shapes allowing her to push the boundaries of traditional portraiture.


Water is a recurring theme in her work as it provides a means to explore abstraction as it occurs naturally, resulting in paintings that harmoniously combine realistic and non-objective elements


Celeste received her formal training at the University of Guelph from 1989-1994. Studying under Tony Scherman, Margaret Priest, Ron Shuebrook and Greg Murphy, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art.  

In 1995 she attended the Ontario College of Art to further her Painting and Drawing skills. She later attended George Brown College where she became certified as an Interior Decorator and a Feng Shui Practitioner.

She has painted a few well known Canadian celebrities including Mike Holmes, Moses Znaimer and Carla Collins. Her portraits can often be seen on HGTV’s Income Property. Her work is collected world wide and has received several awards. 


Celeste Keller

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