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Eric Robitaille



Eric Robitaille is a self-taught contemporary artist from Montreal, Quebec. He is currently represented by galleries in Quebec, Ontario and the U.S., and has shown works in several group and independent shows across Canada and internationally. 


Robitaille demonstrates a unique combination of vibrant realism and modern abstraction. Building each painting using a very complex construction of intricate detailing and layers, Robitaille allows a large space for the abstract process and flow. Robitaille has a graphic design and illustration background which allows him to create stencils for certain motifs and geometric shapes that would otherwise be impossible to achieve free-hand. This introduces a distinct contrast to the canvas, which he then uses to create balance or unbalance in certain areas of the piece. Other than brush and palette knife, his camera and computer are key tools in the creation of his work; although his canvases remain 100% oil creations. Two other techniques used are multiple layers and the fine lines produced by scratching. The artist has always been strongly inspired by nature and wildlife. Diverse animal and plant life play a large role in his recent series, primarily to symbolize human behavior and life mechanics. His animal subjects display human characteristics and virtues, while carrying messages of “being your best self”.


Through many years of experimentation, his style has evolved into a very unique combination of vibrant realism and modern abstraction. The distinctive integration of contrasting elements, colours and layers result in creations that are visually dynamic and intriguing, but above all communicates to perfection the story and significance of each piece. 


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