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Gordon Harrison



Gordon Harrison developed an interest in art at an early age. Born in Montréal in 1953, he spent much of his childhood surrounded by the natural beauty of the Laurentian landscapes. Later in life, he followed this passion by studying landscape architecture at the University of Toronto. Gordon Harrison is proud to be a juried member of the society of Canadian artists and l’académie internationale des beaux-arts du Québec.

Although mainly self-taught, Gordon has taken courses at the Ottawa School of Art and was highly influenced by one of Canada’s foremost artists, Québec’s Jean-René Richard (1895–1982). His book the colours of Canada gives our Canadian landscapes a strong voice – it tells the journey of an artist who every day pursues his long-time passion for our Canadian landscapes with his paintbrush in hand and a dream that over time came true.

He has gained an international reputation throughout his career by producing impressive collections of Canadian landscapes from his travels across Canada. His work is a combination of great power and softness. Often referred to as the eighth member of the group of seven, his landscapes border on the edge of abstraction, and are a contemporary vision of what would have become the group of seven paintings.

In 2016, Gordon Harrison won best solo artist at the New York International Art Expo out of more than 400 international artists. In 2014, he received national recognition by winning first prize at the national painting competition of rêves d’automne in Baie-Saint-aul, Charlevoix region, Québec, competing among 140 Canadian artists and 251 paintings from Canada and Europe. In 2010, he was invited to share his journey as an artist at the National Gallery of Canada. Gordon’s paintings are collected internationally and he now lives and works in Ottawa.

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