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Caroline Marshall and Su Sheedy
Duo Exhibition
April 25 - May 11, 2024
Muse Gallery is proud to exhibit Caroline Marshall and Su Sheedy’s paintings in a duo show together. Both artists interpret the Canadian landscape with reverence and finesse. They both paint unique abstractions that allow the viewer to subjectively construct their own pictorial view of our great Canadian landscape. Caroline Marshall gives us a bird’s-eye view of landscape that has been simplified in form and turned into tectonic plates that seem to be in motion, creating graphic areas of tension with lakes, rivers and vast undulating plains of colour. Su Sheedy has always supported the protection of the wetlands and her encaustic paintings seem to float on translucent pools of coloured water with dappled light falling on bits of grass, wildflowers, patches of melting snow and other anomalies that appear across the picture plane.

Caroline Marshall – “I paint landscapes. Shifting, partially concealed, fractured, forever changing and seeming to breathe, I am interested in the life-like qualities of the earth’s surface. I use palette knives and oil paint often mixed with cold wax on canvas. I slap it on without a set plan. I usually have an idea of my palette ahead of time, however I usually paint over preliminary hues. I don’t hide the bumps and lines of the underpainting. Using knives generally makes the work look a bit unrefined. I leave marks that hopefully leave the viewer to imagine what he or she wants. I love colour, space, forms and how they work together or not.

Su Sheedy – “I continue my study of the wetlands with my abstract series titled Pond. I use the encaustic medium to sculpt, mark and gauge to create textural topographies which connect us to nature. I’m excited to exhibit in a joint show with Caroline because I feel we both primarily express ourselves in a tactile way.

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