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Where You're At
May 16 - 30, 2024

Where You're At is a collection of seven paintings I made over the first few months of 2024.

At their core these paintings are all of the city of Toronto, although none being of any specific location.Instead, each is a sort of collage of the different streets, buildings, and cars of the downtown. Perspectives, details, and colours shift from representational to approximation. They are less about being literal depictions, and more about recollection and memory.

Each painting is created in a series of layers, using a mixture of rubber squeegees, metal palette knives, and a few very dog-eared brushes.These layers start large, gestural, and abstract, with a primary focus on value and composition. As the painting progresses the layers grow increasingly tighter. Large motions give way to more saturated colours, and smaller details 

The slow but steady evolution of my process has continued to develop in this series, and I have made an increasing effort to preserve the various chaotic details that emerge from this process through to the completion of each painting.

Available work
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