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Michael Compeau


I was born in 1961 and grew up in Kingston, Ontario. A city dripping with history and surrounded by a raw Canadian shield beauty. Its forests, waters and islands have had an immeasurable impact upon all forms and genres of my artistic output. I don't like to travel, but my wife does, so I've travelled a lot but I'm always glad to return home to the varied and unique beauty of the vast Ontario outdoors.


Landscapes are embryonic, they're our base line. Our entire culture, everything we now have, has evolved from the starting off point of these rocks and streams and trees. Series of artworks are like stews. It's ingredients are ideas and inspirations drawn from experience and other creative people cruising along the highway of life. Many of these influences are slight, subconscious even. This present series of oil paintings are inspired primarily by the work
Frank Stella did with aluminum composite panel (ACP); an incredibly robust and archival support for making art.
Other ingredients include;

-Richard Long – the walking of the path is the artwork

-Diebenkorn – simplify... then simplify more

-Bonnard and Warhol – colours gotta pop

-Monet – I had the audio-book version of  'Mad Enchantment' on loop...


Bon  appetit!


Michael Compeau received his degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto in 1984.  He went on to earn degrees in Education from The University of Western Ontario and York University.  He has participated in numerous juried group and solo shows since becoming a professional painter in 1996.   He won The People's Choice award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair in 2015 and 2016.  His work resides in private and corporate collections around the world. He lives and works in Loretto, Ontario. 

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