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Sunmi Jung



Jung graduated with a BFA from Concordia University, Montreal QC; then Graduate Studies in Ceramics, University of Ohio; completed an MFA in Ceramics, Louisiana State University, USA.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows including Burlington Art Centre, Burlington ON; Muse Gallery, Toronto; Lafreniere and Pai Gallery, Ottawa; Carnegie Gallery, Dundas ON; SOFA, Chicago; Cheongju International Craft Biennale, South Korea; Korean Artist Invitational, Toronto; J.B. Aird Gallery, Toronto; Icheon Korea Ceramics Biennale, Korea; International Ceramics Competition, Lincoln Center CA, USA; New Gallery & Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto – garnering awards. She was also a recipient of Ontario Arts Council Grants. Jung’s practice is based in Toronto.


“The fundamental idea for my art comes from a journey. My voyage on this journey is to recover my identity as a woman, as I travel from East to West. In the past, I felt quite uncertain of my existence as a girl. I am now even more confused as I move into the other side of my own clan. My psychological and emotional state of uncertainty and anxiety are expressed in my sculptures. I often combine the form of human and animal or other shapes as a metaphorical exploration.


I felt awkward in the shackles of social bondage. I was obliged to adopt the identity imposed on me. I was even more puzzled by my social identity because of my lack of understanding of my existence as a simple human. This society itself constantly transforms and disguises through time. It therefore demands that I change my role through the different identities of daughter, sister, and woman.


If I am unable to free myself from these social restraints, and if I cannot see myself clearly, without context, I must come to celebrate my existence within the floating identities. There is a trace of innocence and freedom within this state of reality in a dream.


My art is music. My art is a moaning sound generated from encountering others running after their lives. Just as I do in our maze called Earth. I play different notes as I portray different roles. Someday, hopefully, this music will become my own identity that I have created for myself.”


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