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Jessica Masters



I have been working as a landscape painter since 2007, using both oils and chalk pastel. My work is inspired by elements of the landscape such as sky, water, and trees. My goal when I approach the canvas is to create a pure representation of the landscape where the play of light defines the relationships between the elements. However, on its own, pure representation is not enough. I want to capture the atmosphere of the scene because this is what I respond to. The lighting conditions of the landscape can trigger a memory or a feeling and momentarily take me from present to past. These are the moments that silence us, that flood us with both a sense of longing and of peace. Perhaps also we feel regret or loss. It is this experience that motivates me to paint a particular scene. Drawing and strong composition are important tools to be able to create each image. These techniques, coupled with loose brushwork and a muted palette, allow the images to become more like memories.


I received my bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at the University of Guelph in 1995. My work has been exhibited widely in both group and solo exhibitions and is held in many private collections throughout Canada and the U.S. In the past, my paintings have appeared several times in the Canadian decorating magazine ‘Style at Home” and been shown on HGTV with Kimberly Seldon. I live with my husband and two children and work out of my studio in Guelph, Ontario.

Jessica Master’s oil paintings are about her relationships to people and the landscapes of her summer. They are hazy sundrenched dreamscapes of children, beaches, waves and water. Her work is a distillation of the joys of summer, paddling a canoe across a glassy lake, walking with a friend down a beach that seems to stretch on forever, while the sunlight dances on the waves. The paintings are from a vantage or distance that allows the viewers to transport themselves into the dream the artist has captured on canvas.  Jessica paints in oils and pastels on canvas and she lives and work in Guelph Ontario.


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