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Meredith Bingham



Meredith Bingham is a Canadian abstract painter famous for her minimalist design and bold circles. Bingham’s work comes from the intuitive, the irrational and the accidental in the creation of a work of art. The idea of building up and breaking down colour and form until it becomes recognizable and “feels” complete. Once it is finished she believes in letting the art stand on its own as an object of interest in its own right not as a representation of something else. Her abstract works subvert the symbolic perfection of the circle, drawing their dynamism and power not from precision but rather from imperfect renderings. Muted tonalities are punctuated with bursts of bright colours. Subtle lines melt into bold brushstrokes and delicate textures merge with grainy surfaces.

“I do not see the circle in a cliched manner of “beginning and end”, or as a symbol, for example, of unity or infinity, but rather as an automatic connection of the unconscious. Sometimes the circle represent people in my life, sometimes it is about myself, always it is about wanting to manifest something beyond what I see and experience in my day to day life... To show that we are flawed, broken and beautifully unfinished. Some people say a perfect circle is the shape of Heaven; I love that.”

Meredith Bingham graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1997 earning an honours degree in Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Education. Meredith is represented by galleries in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and San Francisco. Her work is included in many private and corporate collections including designers Candice Olsen and Sarah Richardson. It has also been featured in issues of House and Home. You can also see her paintings in the movies Charlie Bartlett with Robert Downey Jr. and Repossession Mambo with Jude Law. She lives and works in Port Perry, Ontario.



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