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Nahúm Flores



Nahúm Flores' works are executed randomly and intuitively by applying multiple layers of water-based and organic materials, such as acrylic paint, gel medium, acrylic polymer, sand, ink, transfers and pencil. The drawings on the surface are a result of an alchemy of colours, rich textures and forms, which invites further ideas and questions.

The fusion of the drawings and the material seduces the artist and guides his imagination to create expressive characters and amorphous forms. These characters show us both the beautiful and horrible aspects of nature, the dark and soft side of humans, through their gestures and actions, and through the situations they evoke. The barren landscapes from which the characters emerge reflect Flores personal history and experiences growing up in Honduras. There, he was affected by the social upheaval and the unjust wars of the Central American region. Flores' childhood experiences have deeply affected his outlook and as a response, are reflected in his work.

As a source of inspiration, he uses photographs taken with great passion, on his travels in Canada, Central America, Mexico and Europe. The photographs of old walls, tree bark, stones, and rusted materials are sometimes transferred onto the surface of his paintings to capture a sense of time and spatial depth.

Nahúm Flores was born in 1974 in Danlí, Honduras and immigrated to Canada at age 17, after living in Mexico and the US. He studied Drawing and Painting at the Ontario College of Art & Design. In 2006, his work was selected among five other artists for the Biennale of Visual Art of Honduras. In conjunction, he participated in the Biennale of the Central America Isthmus in El Salvador. Nahúm has also exhibited his work at the National Gallery of Fine Art in Tegucigalpa. In 2007, he and his collaborators, Z'otz* Collective, participated in a multidisciplinary art residency in Trsic, Serbia.

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