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Sarah Carlson



Carlson pushes paint past the picture plane to playfully translate dynamic natural environments, some of which reference Canadian art history. Painted outdoors in and around the Muskoka region, which is on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabeg peoples, Carlson gratefully engages with these lands and waterways as a learner and guest.


Her paintings explore the restorative power of immersion within the natural world, with each composition offering moments of meditation. Carlson’s paintings celebrate vibrant ecosystems we so often forget we are intimately entangled with. Featuring representations of sweeping vegetation and life-giving water bodies, each energetic landscape invites the viewer into a rich medley of hues and thick, unruly texture, in an effort to evoke a sense of spatial presence, immersion and interconnection.


Sarah Carlson holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (York University, Ontario, 2009), a Bachelor of Education specializing in Visual Arts (University of Toronto, 2010) and a Master of Fine Arts (OCAD University, 2019). Sarah Carlson has been selected by a jury for numerous artist residencies in Canada, Spain (2015) and Italy (2018). Her practice spans painting, sculpture and installation. Carlson has several solo and group exhibitions to her credit and has work in public and private collections in North America
and Europe.


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