Susan Valyi



Susan Valyi gives expression to the human form, she transmits and translates its language through humour and wit. She combines traditional sculptural knowledge and technical skills with her use of found and formed objects and create sculptures of great playfulness and appeal. Her combination of found objects, scale, and metamorphism with a folk art approach to human anatomy is sure to bring a smile to any observers face. Humour is a rare thing in the world of art and even rarer in a piece of art that can still challenge you.

It seems as though there is nothing I haven't tried. Art for me has been a long process of exploration and evolution. I'm not sure where these creatures come from but these new works are the most fulfilling I've found as yet. I believe that the art I create is a culmination of my life experience. Everything I see gets subconsciously banked and edited, waiting for that trigger of inspiration. Don't laugh - a TV commercial can do it for me. I see a posture or figurative expression and I'm off to sketch like mad. I trust the moment when a sketch speaks to me and I know it's time to head to the studio. These metamorphic creations are a mythical and anthropomorphic journey into the expressiveness of human posture.

I work with found objects and scavenged wood. My constructions are assemblages, joined with resin. I build up shapes like fitting a puzzle together, guided by sketches and drawings. The finished pieces are oiled or sometimes white-washed, then polished to a smooth but textured patina which reveals the underlying mosaic of wood. A sculpture can take anywhere from two weeks to three months to complete.

I live in the country with my family, near St.Eugène, Ontario, halfway between Montreal and Ottawa. My studio is a converted garden shed, well back from the house where I can make a lot of noise and raise enormous clouds of dust.

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